Join my Scrap Happy Team!

I am SO EXCITED! Close to My Heart has never offered a promotion like this before! 

During February 2017 Close to My Heart is offering an incredible promotion for previous consultants! You can join Close to My Heart essentially FREE! During February only you can opt to re-join with a 'no kit' option! You will only submit $50 to Close to My Heart and you will receive a $50 Spending credit that you can use right away! FREE Ladies! Free! Whoop!  
When you re-join in February - not only will you enjoy all of the standard consultant perks (list below) you will also receive the February 2017, March 2017, and April 2017 Exclusive Stamps of the Month FREE! (a Value of $53.85) You will also receive a copy of the (released in January 2017) Seasonal Expressions Volume #1 IdeaBook! It's like Close to My Heart is REWARDING you JUST for returning to consultant status! Yes, It is Crazy! 

Okay, so CRAZY, Right?! Here are the details! 

- The (3) Month waiting period for re-joining is WAIVED completely!This means that YOU can rejoin NOW if you lost your consultant status previous to January 1st 2017! (What?!!! Yes, Crazy!) 

- No Kit Purchase Required! Any Previous Consultants have the option of joining without a Kit purchase - all you need to do is submit the $50 when you join and you will receive that $50 back immediately as a spending credit for your first order! 

- All Consultants will receive the (3) Stamps of the Month FREE! And FREE means you won't pay shipping charges or tax on the stamp sets either! Truly, this is a phenomenal promotion! Never before offered! 

- Standard Consultant Kit is still optional! If you WOULD like to purchase the standard Consultant Kit (filled with over $200 in CTMH supplies for  $75) you are still welcome to do so! But...For the first time ever this is NOT a requirement to re-join the CTMH family. See the Full Consultant kit HERE at this link! 

- Eligible to Earn the 'Straight to the Top' Incentives! As a returning consultant you have the ability to earn the Straight to the Top Incentives from Close to My Heart - even if you have earned them when you were a consultant previously!
- Re-Join with FULL CONSULTANT Status! When you re-join the Close to My Heart Family you will receive all of the current consultant benefits.

Consultant Benefits
- Enjoy an INSTANT 22% Discount/Commission on ALL orders placed! (Including your own purchases as well as any orders you place for other people, or orders placed on your FREE Close to My Heart Shopping website! P.S. you might be surprised at the frequency of 'random' orders from people you've never even met!).
- Earn ADDITIONAL Discounts/Commission (up to 50%) based on your monthly sales volume and/or title.
- Earn FREE PRODUCT each month based on your monthly sales volume (you can even resell the free product you earn, turning it into additional income).
- LOW QUARTERLY Sales Quota - $300 (Your first quarterly minimum to reach if you wish to remain active is April 2017-June 2017) 
- Enjoy FLEXIBLE 'work' hours! Choose to make it a career, part time job, or just help pay for your own supplies - which ever you prefer, Close to My Heart has a place for you!
- FREE Online Business Address (Shopping website!) Close to My Heart even absorbs the credit card processing fees!
- SELF HOST to earn even MORE Free Product! 
- Access to the Close to My Heart Consultant website FILLED with online training as well as creative workshops and project inspiration, marketing videos and business information, a bulletin board forum, and MUCH MORE! 
- Connect with Thousands of Consultants World Wide!
- Attend Corporate Events featuring Top Notch training (there are events across North America scheduled for March 25th with spaces available!), creative sessions, and NEW Products! Your expenses are completely tax deductible! (Big Smile) 
- Corporate 'Start with Heart' email series to help you 'Get you started'. 
- An Invitation to my (Members Only) uplines 'Just Crazy Blessed' Team Facebook Page! 
- Earn product and/or cash by participating in my monthly team incentives and challenges! 
- Access to UN-watermarked graphics and posters personally designed by me to use for your own business! 
- Earn additional EXCLUSIVE products, Logo wear - even CASH when you or your future team members achieve STTT (Straight to the Top)!

Straight To The Top! 

Straight to the Top is an incentive program designed to help Brand New Consultants hit the ground running! Research shows that new consultants are more likely to have long-term success when they enjoy immediate sales success! This program helps consultants to achieve success early on by offering rewards for reaching certain sales milestones! 
The official 'Start Date' of a New Consultant's Straight to the Time frame is (5) days after the New Consultant kit shipping date!
The Rewards are OUT OF THIS WORLD! NOW is the PERFECT time to JOIN Close to My Heart! 
Are you ready?! Once you complete the application (it only takes a few minutes) and your approval notification is sent, you will be added to my uplines 'Just Crazy Blessed' Team Facebook Page right away! 
*Occasionally If you are a returning Consultant the CTMH Home Office will Manually approve your application - this could take a bit extra time.*  
Once you’ve ‘officially’ joined the Close to My Heart family not only will you have access to some FABULOUS Corporate incentives geared toward Brand New Consultants in addition to the Straight to the Top Program!) 
Close to My Heart wants to Encourage you to begin building a team right away (now, don’t be nervous…I’m here to help every step of the way!) Close to My Heart wants you to grow your team so much that they are putting their ‘money where their mouth is’...they have told us they are bringing back the promotion from 2016 where they paid cash bonuses for promotions! We have not been given all of those details just yet - as a current consultant you will receive that information just as quickly as I do! :)

Join My Team!

Being a consultant is SO flexible! You get to decide how much you want to do - a little or a lot! Choose to be a Hobby Crafter or a Business Builder but the choice is YOURS! 
I consider a 'Hobby Crafter' someone who loves paper crafting and is interested in receiving a discount on their own purchases! They might even enjoy placing orders for their friends, earning commissions and additional free product to further 'fund' their own love of crafting! 
'Business Builder' is someone who - in addition to a love of paper crafting - has an interest in earning extra income with flexible working hours, earning an incentive trip, or growing a team of their own! They may enjoy hosting local events, In-home gatherings, or choose to work their business solely online! They may desire to supplement their income or turn Close to My Heart into a full time Business! 
Are you unsure where you fit? Maybe you'd just like to take advantage of the heavily discounted products within the New Consultant Kit? Even if you are unsure which direction you'd like to go with your consultant status I'd LOVE to have you join my Scrap Happy team! 
It really is RISK FREE with absolutely NO strings attached! Even if you Join Close to My Heart by purchasing the New Consultant Kit and choose to do nothing afterward you are never required to return anything! All of the discounted products are yours to keep! Then you will have the time, training opportunities, and my assistance to help you decide where you fit! 
Whatever your reasons are for joining, I would love to have you become a part of my Scrap Happy  Family...there is a place for you here! 

Okay, your head spinning yet? (Mine hasn't stopped) 
Do you have additional Questions? Please shout at me, CLICK HERE! It will always be my pleasure to visit! 
Danielle Wagner of DanYellScraps
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Thank you for your time Friends! 
I look forward to visiting with you very soon!