All-Purpose Mat Tips & Tricks By CTMH on My Craft Channel.

Hello My Crafty Friends!

Item highlight of this week, is the All-Purpose Mat! 

I was constantly, cleaning my work surface, more like scrubbing it with more elbow grease then my pots and pans, to get my glue, ink and what ever else is stuck on there off. Then I came across this neat little, 15 x 20 non stick mat. I am not sure why this wasn't in my craft room sooner, but now that it is....i am thinking wow won't this be great for my kids to use when they are crafting, eating, brushing their teeth, or what ever messy activity they are doing?!?! Seriously, I have thought that. :) 

So this past Monday on My Craft Channel CTMH was shinning bright with a really awesome video talking about a variety of uses for this ALL Purpose mat. If you want to watch it Click here --https://goo.gl/f77kKf

Some Key points on this must have tool:

  • Wipes clean easily, 
  • heat resistant up to 240° Fahrenheit, 
  • non-slip underside for work surface grip.

Some ideas on other uses:

  • Water look
  • Kissing
  • Paint Drops
  • Paint Pallet
  • Marble Effect
  • Base for creating embellishments
Water Look

This gives a nice soft background. Ink your mat (the more ink the better for color) add water with your spray pen (Z1380 set of 3) press your card into your mat. 

Apply ink to your mat, spray with water using your spray pen. Press your stamp (solid image works best) into the ink on your mat. Apply inked stamp to your project. With this, a little bit of water goes along way. You can see this in the balloon on the image below.

Paint Drop Bubbles:
Apply your ink to your mat, spray with water using your spray pen. Using your paint brush set (Z3188) pick up the ink water mixture. Let it drop on your project. Allow this to dry completely. Add some Liquid glass to the paint drops (Z679). You now have a bubble effect on your paint drops.You can see these next to the balloons in the image below.

Marble Effect
Very similar to your water color look, however you are just going lightly lay your project on to the ink water mixture and remove quickly. Using your craft heater (Z555) heat your project for that marble effect. This works great on die cut images from your cricut. you can see this on the card stock behind the friends sentiment. 

Base for creating embellishments:
Using your liquid glass make drops as big or as little as you like. When they are dry, you pop/peel them off to create your own embellishments. You can add ink these to give them some character. 
Try your hand at titles or names with the liquid glass, when dry peel off and add to your project. 

Paint Pallet:
Add ink and water to your mat, then using your paint brush set, color in detailed stamped images to get that watercolor painting feel. You can see this in the flowers and dragon of the image below. 

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