Block Stamping

If you LOVE watching Jennifer McGuire, raise your hand!

AHHHH me too! She is creative in taking tried and true techniques and re-vamping them into beautiful artwork.

So she recently posted her take on the block stamping. I knew immediately that my Little Dreamer Stamp set was PERFECT for re-creating this technique.

Check out these cute cards!

Lets dig into how the background and images came together.

Back Ground: 
Ink up your block, I used a 2x2, 2x3 and a 3x3 block. The colors can be what ever your heart desires, play around to what strikes your fancy.
Next spritz your block and OR paper with Water....mind you I did NOT use watercolor paper. I use what I had on hand, white Dasiy Card stock. - you won't be able to saturate your white daisy card stock like you would water color paper - it worked just fine. 
If you flip your block and sort of drop it... you will get a really neat splatter effect on the outside of the block (and possibly anything in a 2 foot radius - LOL) you can also simply just press down. 
If you are using watercolor paper you will want to leave the block om the paper for a few minutes. If you are using regular card stock, you can remove it immediately. Below is my visual guide - I learn WAY faster and better when I have a visual...so here ya go...

For the images:

I dusted my background paper with my DIY static remover, then stamped my Little Dreamer unicorn image in White Daisy Pigment ink. Honestly - I thought the white daisy pigment ink with the white extra fine embossing powder would give this DEEP white image. Really the versa mark did way better with the embossing powder. I am not sure if it was user error, or just the way it goes...LOL

Okay and here are my finished cards...

This one I stamped the Unicorn Horn in the versa mark ink, then used the silver ranger extra fine embossing powder. Again before embossing I used my DIY static remover...this helps control where the embossing powder will stick. 

The background in this one is my favorite. The unicorns eyes have been enhanced  with the Marvy journaling pen. Each background has been hit with the clear shimmer pen (wait did you know that you can add re-inker the clear shimmer pen to get what ever color shimmer you want?!?!) Cool right!

See her pretty tail isn't all the way embossed - that's what happens when you don't wait for you paper to dry all the way...I am so impatient. LOL 

The sentiment stamp says " Always be yourself, unless you can be a unicorn, then be a unicorn" 
By stamping the entire stamp, then wiping away ink from words I did not want to appear, the sentiment becomes something way more. 

 Thank you so much for stopping by.

You can find the little dreamer stampset, inks, blocks, embossing powder and more at www.danyellscraps.ctmh.com

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