Shimmer Brush - Tutorial and Tips

Did you know this shimmer brush can be used in other ways?

How about blending, or faux watercolor painting? Check out this S U P E R quick video show casing those techniques.

Now I have a few tips for you, with your shimmer pen when the shimmer is gone. 
  1.  If the shimmer is still there, but the liquid is gone, add some Alcohol (rubbing) to the barrel. This will allow you to use the rest of the shimmer. 
  2. The shimmer is all gone - rinse your shimmer brush until it is nice and clean. Add Water and you now have a BRAND new water brush. 
  3. Have plenty of water brushes? Clean your shimmer brush well, and add re-inker to it. You now have a colored paint brush, great for water coloring!!! 
Do you have a tip that I didn't share? Leave it in the comments below, I'd love to know what else there is to do with these wonderful brushes! 

Supply List for the items used:

Clear Shimmer Brush (back Order until May 1st - Tuesday) https://danyellscraps.closetomyheart.com/.../Product.aspx

Gold Shimmer Brush - https://danyellscraps.closetomyheart.com/.../Product.aspx

Bashful Shimmer Brush - https://danyellscraps.closetomyheart.com/.../Product.aspx

Chelsea Gardens Stamp Set (RETIRES TODAY)  - https://danyellscraps.closetomyheart.com/.../Product.aspx

Momento Ink (very important) - https://danyellscraps.closetomyheart.com/.../Product.aspx

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