Classic Summer - BBQ Invite!

Welcome back to my own personal showcase of the things I am creating with the stamp of the month!

Okay the stamp set has a BBQ invite them going on....so I had to create an invite...there may be on more in the works, just a heads up...LOL

So here is the stamp of the month again set:

What started out as a hmmm what will happen if I add this, to this once, and put it on this, ended up becoming this ----

Wow is what first popped into my head. Okay let me walk you through this process of getting this rainbow...it's not watercolors. 

Here is what you will need:

  • 91 % rubbing alcohol (70% will work also)
  • an OLD acrylix block
  • ShinHan Markers (Alcohol)
  • Watercolor or mixed media paper
  • soft towel for wiping that is used only in your craft room
  • Spray pen (filled with the rubbing alcohol
Color on your old acrylix block in the following order Yellow, Blue, Pink - the deep more pronounced markers the better. You are NOT mixing the colors on your block. You can divide you block (visually) into thirds and coat the entire block
Using your spray pen, apply the rubbing alcohol in a controlled manner. What I mean by this is, you will want to gradually push down on the spray pens nozzel to achieve a 'stream' like flow verses a spray. This will allow the colors to bleed into each other. Cover the block well and tilt it back in forth to help the liquid move. You may not see a true blend of colors, and that is okay. Flip your block over into your mixed media or watercolor paper and twist it in a circluar motion. I used a Large Acrylic block. 
To achieve the strip like above, add one color at time, applying the next color while your paper is still wet from the last application, slightly overtop the last color in a circular motion. You will need to move quickly as the alcohol dries quickly.

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See you tomorrow for another alcohol card and a watercolor card! 


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