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Watercolor Pencils + Shimmer Brush

Check it out, when you use watercolor pencils and a waterbrush you get the similar effect of using watercolor paints...but when you dab out some Clear Shimmer, and add that to your work area....you are on a whole new level of awesomeness! 

This little shimmer trick blew my mind (once I figured it out) 

Here is my finished layout - This shimmer is so hard to capture in a picture, but I do have a video that you can see exactly how to achieve this! 

Here is a basic step by step:  
  • I used watercolor pencils for all the coloring.
  • I colored in the flowers by dipping my wet waterbrush into some clear shimmer I had squeezed out on to my work surface. It's stunning in person, not captured to well in the picture. 
  • For the letters I colored the top in a shade of pink and the bottom in a shade of purple to each letter. When I added my waterbrush, I let the colors blend in the middle for somewhat of an ombre feel. 
  • The banner I colored using yellow, then gray over the curves for a shadow look. I omitted coloring the center to give the appearance of light shining there. 
  • My heart is cut at 10" adhered to a 12x12 Lagoon mix-in paper. Flipped the Lagoon mix in paper over and used the raspberry dotted paper as a photo matte 3x3. 
  • I Heart Us paper scraps were used to create a cricut flower, the banners and the paper stips at the top and bottom. 
  • I finished off my triangle effect by placing three loose sequins - silver in the bottom right corner. 

For those that are like me, and love to see things in action here is the replay of the Facebook Live posted to my YouTube Channel! :) 

Supplies used: 

Seasons Mix in Paper X9003 https://bit.ly/2RFFeob
I Heart Us Paper Packet X7242B https://bit.ly/2RFFeob
Watercolor Pencils Z4242 https://bit.ly/2HSUoqt
Waterbrush - Medium Round Z3225 https://bit.ly/2HSUoqt
Shimmer Brush - Clear Z3293 https://bit.ly/2HSUoqt
3D Foam Tape Z1151 https://bit.ly/2HSUoqt
February Stamp of the Month S1902 https://bit.ly/2SnGYHh
Tombow Dry Adhesive Z3326 https://bit.ly/2HSUoqt

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