Block Stamping| Monochromatic Rainbow layout

Okay so my title may be stretching the term monochromatic a bit...however, it sort of does fit!

April is almost to an end, and of course I had to wait until fours days before it retires to show you all this limited edition stamp set! Hey I'm a busy mom of four kids, one that is about to be a freshman in high school, like seriously, am I really old enough to have a highschool student?!?!  Enough with the chatter and on with the artwork!
(P.S. There is a YouTube Video below if you want to skip to the visual tutorial)

Here is the super cute limited edition stamp set!

For this tutorial I am starting with a basic white daisy card stock (I am not using waterpaper - keep that in mind)

Using a 2x6.5 inch block I applied ink generously to it's surface. Then using my mist spray pen, I applied enough water to the block to get the ink moving. Next in one swift motion I drag my block across my paper, carrying my ink with it....it sort of suctions its self to the paper (was not expecting that) so just keep pulling... below is the look you are trying to achieve.

Next, while your ink is still 'wet' on your paper, grab your spritz cleaner. Drop or splatter this onto your work, as you can see above, you will end up with 'white dots' among your ink. Similar effect you can often see this done with oxide inks and water. Pretty cool that you can do this with waterbased dye inks too! 

Now you will want to stamp your flowers and butterflies. I choose to two options (see the video below) One was a monochromatic approach, where which ever color I blocked stamped across the page, that same color was used to stamp my images. In my second version, I stamped all of my images in a shade darker then that in which I block stamped with. Fussy cut each image out, making sure to leave a white boarder. 

Now layer your pieces to your page, and when you feel the placement is right, stamp your foliage to the page. Adhere your pieces down, being sure to add some 3D foam dots/squares/tape to some or all for dimension.

Finish your page off, by adding your sentiment or title and splattering some black shimmer brush over your piece. Add a photo matte and photo!

Here is version two...Which I LOVE!

Here is version one...which I REALLY LOVE!!!!

As promised here is a video from my Facebook Live modified for YouTube showing the above process in action: 


Thank you so much for stopping by! 


  1. What a beautiful, springy page! I must try this! Thank you for sharing!