Purrfect| Mini Envelope Album

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Today I ventured off course from my usual crafting. I am creating inventory for the new artist co-op I am a member of, and had a request for a mini album, preferably a pet one. After watching hours of YouTube, my inspiration and creative juices starting whirling around like a tornado.  I had oodles of this cat themed scrapbook paper (no idea where is came from) and knew that a DIY envelope mini album would be the 'purr-fect' project for it. 

How cute is this cover!?!?! The cat was super cute alone, but add some snazzy red glasses, and oh my word! 

I ended up with 12 pages with pockets! Here are a few of the finished pages from inside...

Each page has a pocket on the left to house photos and such. 

It was so much fun to dress up many of the pages with cricut cuts and photo mattes! 

I am so excited to add this to my artist co-op group. The finished size is approx 5 x 7 inches The ladies will just love it! I'd love to know which page is your favorite, so leave a comment below. 


Thank you so much for stopping by! Stop back by Monday June 10th for a new H2H challenge! 

See ya soon!

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