5 Must Haves for your Next Crop!

We have all been there, the crop you signed up for over the summer is finally here, and you have know idea what to pack! 

Before you know it your car is filled from truck to drivers seat with your entire craft room. Sound great to everything on hand, right!? Now you get to unload it ALL and then try and figure out how to repack your car so it all fits again. If you are anything like me, you are already dreading go at this point. 
So I have my top 5 MUST have items that will make your packing light and your crop experience a success. 

  1. Paper trimmer and extra blades
    • Extra blades is a must- if you are cutting various materials your blades will dull quickly. I love my SureCut™ Deluxe Craft Paper Trimmer.
  2. Adhesive: Dry with refills and wet
    • Running out of adhesive is a crafters nightmare make sure you have more than enough (the one thing that is okay to over pack) Bringing both dry and wet ensures you will have the correct adhesive for all of your projects. A go to dry adhesive is the CTMH branded runner. With it's strong hold, I am not worried about items falling off over time. 
  3. Grid Ruler (2 x 14in)
    • This is your best friend for layout placements - giving you great balance on the left and right side, along with straight photo mattes! I prefer my retired (sorry) CTMH grid ruler.  
  4. White & Black Cardstock
    • When creating layouts or cards, staple neutral colors on hand are great! Having basic White and Black will ensure you can stretch your pattern paper to the max. Think scraps for extra layouts or cards using White or Black as the base.
  5. Kits
    • Using premade kits or making my own kits for my crops is a must have. This helps reduce my luggage tremendously. Having each layout or card kitted up with all the items I need to create them is key to keeping my Crop item needs to a minimum. Watch this week for my tutorial on how I build my own layout kits. 
So, whats in your crop bag? Are you a take it all, or a minimalist? 
Leave a comment below, I'd love to know what you do to make your crop experience a success. 

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Click on any of the links above to snag some of these must have's today! 

Happy Crafting
Danielle aka DanYell

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