How to use mini stamps like a BOSS| Layout Thursday

Mini, tiny, small, whatever you want to call the stamps that fit on your 1x1 block, are perfect for creating a one of a kind layout! 
Come on. Let me show you how!

Today we use the Grillin & Chillin Stamp set to create a tone on tone background! Want to see it in action...scroll down to watch the tutorial via video. 

Add as many mini stamps as desired to a block. Here I am using a 2x2 block and filled it with 6 images or min stamps. 

Using ink and paper that coordinate, randomly stamp your paper. Be sure to turn your block a quarter turn with each stamp impression. This gives a true Background feel, and avoids a monotone pattern.  

Now you can assemble the pages as desired. I have gone on to add a bottom boarder, and title, with suttle accents using shimmer trim and silver sequins. 

This layout design is my favorite. Do you have a go to layout design, you find timeless? 

Check out the video demo of this entire two page layout here:

Now, go be a BOSS with those mini stamps. 


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