Must have items in my craft bag!

When I am crafting on the go, I have my go to items with me. While I may add items based on what my goals are, these items are a MUST. 

Thinking about what you reach for the most or first is key to knowing what your must have items will be. This will change from crafter to crafter, and brand to brand, and over time. Once I find a product that works for me, by giving me the expected results over and over, it becomes a must have and I tend to stick with that brand. Nine times out of ten, once a company has a few good items, they are likely to have almost everything you need....most if the time.

Let's dive into my bag...

  1. Surecut Deluxe Craft Paper trimmer. My trimmer is made by Fisker's. I love this company because I can order this trimmer through my website, and their warranty program is one of the best out there...the product has a lifetime warranty. That speaks volumes to me as a crafter. 
  2. Corner rounder. When I am making card folios, which has been a lot lately, I round the corners to keep them from bending when storing and using the card folio. I also use this when making clusters for scrapbooking titles. 
  3. Stamp scrubber. I love how this gets into the crevices of the stamps, removing ink in the smallest of detailed areas. This is easily cleaned with some warm, soapy water, and left to air dry. 
  4. Intense black ink. This ink has quickly become a go to for me. It pairs nicely when coloring with alcohol markers, watercoloring with inks, and colored pencils. Because this ink is designed not to bleed with other mediums, it's a must have for me. 
  5. Alcohol markers. If you love blending and or coloring like I do, then alcohol markers are a must for your bag too. These markers have been in my stash for over two years (I have the entire set available through CTMH) and not one marker has dried out. That's a plus for me. Each marker has the chiseled  or broad tip end and the fine tip. They blend well to create matching tones for the CTMH ink and papers. Bonus!
  6. Liquid Glass. Before the new fine tip applicator was available, liquid glass just sat on my craft table taking up space. I couldn't get the flow just right, and before you knew too much came out and my paper bubbled. Ugh! Then the fine tip applicator  arrived and now it is my go to wet adhesive. The flow control is perfect for me, from adding sequins to adhering paper, I have just the right amount, everytime. 
  7. Blocks. I keep a few sizes of blocks with me at all times to match whatever stamp set I may have with me. I prefer to use stamps on the recommended block size, to help keep smudges and ink transfers from happening. 
  8. CTMH dry adhesive runner. This little runner packs a punch, and has proven to be a solid go to as a dry adhesive runner. It spits out the dots, and holds up really well. I found I have the option to reposition my things when first laying them down. When I find the item just how I want it, I can use a little pressure to make sure the adhesive is adhering. The ability to remove my items to adjust is key in a adhesive for me. The ones that are less forgiving, and stick on contact, are great for specialty items, like box making. 
  9. Journaling pen. This serves two purposes. One, the given journaling. Two a doodle pen. I can outline my projects giving them an added oomph when i am on the go and with out my embellishments.  
  10. Waterbrush. This brush, when used with my water based dye inks, adds another coloring option without carrying a full set of water colors. Check out this card where I have used CTMH inks and this brush to create a cute watercolor effect. My brush is a medium size. 
  11. Shimmer brush. I can blend, and add shimmer....shhhhh I may have used this on an occasion to hide a mistake or two...err I mean embellish my project. This really dresses up your project. Now that the line carries several colors of shimmer brushes, you can use them to color your projects also...think watercolor meets shimmer! 
  12. Non-stick micro-tip scissors. These sharp scissors hold up to their long name on every level. Cut through items that have adhesive on them, and have no fear of gunking them up. They will carry on with their sharpness, and maintain their desired sharp tips for fussy cutting. This is why I have 4 pairs of these scissors. 2 are currently lost, because my husband used them, and I have yet to see them after 2 years...that must say something right there. 
Thanks for stopping by, a link was added to the items mentioned above. If you need, any of the must have items mentioned, feel free to shop with me. I receive a small commission when you do shop with me, at no additional cost to you. 

Leave me a comment with your top go to items in your craft bag. I am curious to know how many are similar to mine. 

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Have a scrappy happy day! 

DanYellScraps aka Danielle.

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