The art of Cardmaking Quickly| PreCut Kit

Quick, easy, and beautiful are tasks easy to accomplish in the stunning 12 card kit.

Are you spending lots of time designing cards to be left with "scraps you will use one day"? I have a solution to creating cards with little to no paper waste! 

The precut kit I am about to introduce you to, comes with exactly what you need, (nothing more nothing less) to create beautiful cards, quickly and beautifully. Taking away the design guesswork and adding valuable crafty time to your busy schedule. 

In no time at all you will have 12 cards, 6 each, of two designs. But remember if you love one sentiment more than the other, use it. Because these are after all, your cards. 

You'll receive 12 white daisy card bases, 12 envelopes each filled with the precut elements to create a card, a full packet of gold sequins, a full color set of instructions, and a brand new B size stamp set to use over and over again with any paper combo of your choice.

Bonus, I have two quick videos showing how to out these cards together. Perfect to pause and go as needed, especially if you are a visual learner like me. 

Order your pre-cut kit here: 

Watch tutorial one of two here: