The Perfect Scrap Stash Buster!!

We've all got them, big ones, little ones, medium ones, doesn't matter the size, you'll find one in every paper crafters room; a scrap stash. 

Today I am sharing with you one if three ideas to quickly and easily use your paper scraps. 

I have three bags filled with scraps. Yes, I can makes layouts with them, but what else can I make? 
I started with my larger piece's, grabbed my embossing board and paper trimmer, and that's when the little triangle sticking out the back of my embossing board caught my attention. 

Lately I have been making envelope mini albums, GREAT, I will make one of those! Then I started looking at my paper, and I thought, how awesome it would be to make custom A2 envelopes with my solid cardstock! 

Simple, useful, and who doesnt like getting a bright colorful envelope in the snail mail!?!?!
Following the measurements on my embossing board, I cut my paper to 8x8 and started scoring, turning the paper, and creating embossing lines on each side. 

Once the score lines were made, I used the triangles created from the embossing lines crossing, as guides to cut 4 notches out. 

This allowed for the envelopes to be folded and adhered together without the bulk. 

Now that I have the A2 envelopes done, I am stashing them to side. I also decided to create gift card holders. 

Did you know paper that measures 4 5/8 x 4 5/8 makes the perfect gift card holder? Using the same process as the A2 envelopes, I created several of this super or so cute gift card holders. 

So, tell me, what do you do with your scraps? 

Join me next Saturday as I show you another stash buster! 

Have fun getting crafty. 

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