10 Things My Kids Say| Mini Layout

Kids always have something to say, right! 
Well with four kids in my house, there is always someone saying something that makes us laugh, say "Awe" or go "WHAT?!"
Recently I asked my kids 25 questions and some of their answers were tear worthy laughable! 

In collaboration with Michelle - this weeks mini layout was inspired partly by what my kids say - and always wanting to create the cute little tags on a page! Be sure to check out Michelle's mini layout over on her blog

So Michelle is the Design Space guru between the two of us...I always make her laugh when she talks about using design space because I roll my eyes and okay, FINE! Don't get me wrong, once I am using it, I love it. Until recently, I saw it more as chore, and less as a tool. 

With Michelle's constant encouragement - I am finally using it without being prompted to! Woo-hoo! 

Check out this weeks Mini Layout inspiration: 

DanyellScraps - Facebook Live tutorial


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