Let's Flock Together|#100DayProject Group

Have you heard of the #100dayproject ? This is the 7th year of it happening, and basically it is just you committing to something for 100 days. It does not have to be the same thing! You can check out more info here.

Michelle & I plan on being crafty for the 100 days, and we will have projects for you EVERY one of those days! Most (if not all) will have videos, too! Not everything will be paper based, but most of them will likely be, in some fashion. (Just saying! That IS what we do, ya know!) This will all take place in our facebook group called "Let's Flock Together" <-- -="" 100="" being="" click="" crafty="" days="" fees="" free="" join="" just="" link="" membership="" no="" of="" p="" pitch="" posts="" salesy="" that="" to="" us="">

Watch our Welcome video here to see who we are and a snip of our personalities! 

#100DayProject Day 1

Michelle and I used the SAME card pattern to create 9 cards

Take a moment to watch our video process - most of our videos will be on our facebook page, then uploaded to YouTube for those that are not on FB. We encourage you to join in also! 

Stay tuned for day 2 and thank you for stopping by!!!

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