Can you really use scraps to complete a Sketch?

Hey there!

So today, I want to talk about using your scraps with sketches. 

Listen, if you have a pile, box, bag, file or what-have you of scraps, and all you're doing is adding and adding, why do you have scraps? 

Same with your pinterest boards! I am talking about the one that you save every scrapbook sketch to. The one you keep adding to but never really do anything with!  Time to marry your scraps and sketches and get those photos off your phone, and into an album!

Don't start tomorrow,  or worry about scraping in order....just start! 

Okay here is the sketch I used in today's inspiration piece: (Found on a public Facebook group)

I grabbed some scraps from the party collection and went to town! 
I guessed at the measurements,  and went from there. 
I should tell you those three long dovetail banners behind everything re scraps of paper. Those pieces do not extend the length of the page... see how wonderful scraps can be.
Have more photos to to add? Snag a package of the flip flaps from Close to My Heart ❤ seriously the best way to enhance your photo-estate! 

I add a (gasp) scrap dovetail zip strip to the edge so you know to flip it up. 

I truly hope I have inspired you to be crafty and to bust your scrap stash!


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