Why I Started My Own Stamping Business!

 Did you know today is Empowered Women Entrepreneurs Day? So in honor of this occasion, I am going to tell you exactly why I started my own stamping business with Close to My Heart. 

I have been scrapbooking for over 20 years. I started when I was 16 years old,  I started a new journey, and I also had to close a chapter as an emancipated youth. To help me deal with the closure process, my Aunt gifted me a scrapbooking kit from a big box store and said "Document the GOOD, the BAD and anything in between. So I did just that, and here is that beautiful,  20+ year book. I captured my mother's  pregnancy, my birth and ended the book with my college years. 

Since then I have filled so many scrapbooks with wonderful memories for myself and family members, that I HAD to show others what they could do to preserve their memories. So I started buying from a variety of companies that offered a consultant program. I was looking for a company that was geared towards scrapbooking, and had quality products. The next part is not bashing one company against the other, but it was a big reason why I choose CTMH. When placing my orders, the CTMH consultant was the only one to reach out to me with a follow up. Customer service is HARD, I worked in that industry for 20+ years before starting my stamping business. I have done it all, from a server to an international export specialist for a reputable battery company. That being said, the customer service by following through/up with me was what I needed to know CTMH would be the avenue I would use to spread my love of memory keeping and bring an income into my home. 

In 2017, I become a full time stay at home mom to our 4 children. I will celebrate 5 years of longevity with CTMH this month. Looking back on my journey, I am not only proud of my success in my business, but still very much in love with my job. Because I now do what I love, I have yet to work a day in 5 years. 

I hope I have inspired and empowered you to take that leap of faith and start your entrepreneurs dream today, whatever that might me.  

If you are interested in what I do with CTMH and my business, you can learn a tad bit more about me and reach out to me with any questions --> HERE

Thank you for stopping by!

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