Cocktails & Card Folds A-Z (A)

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So I started a 26 week course where every Thursday evening at 7pm eastern,  I create a card fold following the alphabet and tell you a cocktail mix to match... Wait, what? Okay so, it's super simple... week one we use the letter A to dictate our card fold and our cocktail!!! 

See, easy!
Week 1: Letter A Card Fold- accordion  Cocktail- Mock - Appletini. This is a slimline card size when finished 8x3.  

TIP: you can shorten the height from 8 to what ever height you need. the width will remain 3 as a finished card, if you follow the score marks below and use a 12in long cardstock. :) 

Hop on over to DanyellScraps On Facebook book to play along and watch each week. Find my classes and mark going. Best part they are Free!


  • 8x12 cardstock scored at 9,6, & 3
  • Pattern Paper: (4) 2 3/4 x 7 3/4 (1) 3x8
  • Whitedaisy: (4) 2 1/5 x 7 1/5 (1) 2 3/4 x 7 3/4 

Watch the replay for week one/letter A: HERE

Appletini (Mock or n/a) 
  • Green apple syrup
  • Apple Juice 
  • Lemon Juice
  • Mix/shake well with ice
  • Best served cold

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