New Year: New Opportunity

New Year, and honestly the best time to snag some amazing products for $20.00 and get the perks of being a maker with CMTH. 

CTMH makers have the best job in the world. They get 'paid' to create, in monthly commission checks. Wait what does that mean? 
It means when you customers shop your affiliates link, you earn a small commission of that purchase at NO ADDITIONAL COST TO THEM. 😉 

What other perks you ask? Well let's say you're in it for the discount. There is an enthusiast level where you are able to get a 10% discount on all of your purchases,  with a minimum of $100 sales each quarter. So this means if your scrappy or cardmaking friends want to shop to help you meet your minimums, you can do that. 

25%–45% commission on all orders, based on performance
E-commerce website for collecting customer orders
Performance-based product and cash bonuses
Annual incentive trip opportunities
Flexibility to work your own schedule

This has been the best offer I have ever seen. Sign up for $20.00 and you will get $22.00 CTMH cash to spend on whatever you like to either grow your stash or build your business kit. 

To learn more Bout this amazing offer, click here

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